Recent Clan Activity

We haven’t been really refreshing this section this year, so here is an update for the year so far. Let us know if we missed something!

Some of the existing members of the community decided to form a new clan. Several months ago, sQ came to life. Tay|Z, Zarah, Harsh, shuzo, Rotti, and nyamms make the current roster for sQ

The lone Brasilian warrior Ignis joined noVI!

Aimboobs joined (January) and during the last weeks a!m and Yggdrasil joined !s (source).

hades and starch left !s to join sp4nk. Some months after, Frosty followed (source)

BudSpencer aka Toph left =DK=. Drake joined =DK= (source)

bug and ZCrone joined |DM| (source)

Alluro joined w00p|.|RB| lost Honzik1 , who decided to move to w00p| (source)

Partizan left |RB| and he is currently clanless.

ne0n, Jawer, blush, fmg, Friteq and Fear and joined =Mys=. Also, Sveark left RB (what a timing ha?) to join =MyS= (source)

.dot and subbed74 joined tBMC and Sweeper left